Nothing Compares 2 0

The second of February Two thousand and twenty.

Not very striking is it?

Write it in numerical fashion however and it becomes a digital palindrome, getting people excited. 02022020.

I even took a picture of my clock at 02:02 on 02:02. Amazing.

It reminded me of songs that get a second chance however.

For example The Clash released Should I Stay or Should I Go in 1982 with moderate success. Fast forward 9 years and it reached number 1 after being featured on the soundtrack to a Levi’s ad.

Or like when Sinéad O’Connor took a unknown Prince song called Nothing Compares 2 U and brought it to the top of the charts all over the world.

The songs weren’t hugely different second time around. But the way they were presented was.

And that’s the thing. Sometimes the way we present something is more important than the thing itself. It’s certainly worth more thought than most of us give it.