So last night a plan came together.

Last September Luke Devaney played me a clip from Episode 60 of the Kendy and Raybo Podcast. The two hosts were having a bit of craic about Theme Night #24. You can listen to it (only a few mins) from 29:15 here.

Basically one of the hosts (Kendy) – was being slagged by Ray (the other host) for never having been invited to have taken part in a Theme Night. All in a funny, good-natured way. But as soon as I heard it, I rang Ray and told him that this couldn’t be the end of the story.

We decided we had to figure out a way to get Kendy along into the audience for Theme Night #25 and that we would cold-call him up from the crowd to perform a song.

A song he knew how to play and sing mind you, but one he wouldn’t have rehearsed with this extended band, and one that he didn’t know he would be playing that night.

And I didn’t know this man well, but I sought the opinion of a few men who did, and they reckoned that not only would Kendy be shocked, but that he would be up for it, and most importantly, that he would nail the song.

And he did. Played bass and sang flawlessly, and got into the spirit of the whole thing wonderfully. I’ll never forget it.

It’s just a shame we can’t do it again tonight. Because moments like that bring a huge energy boost to a show, to the performers and the audience alike.

But despite all the planning, it could have fallen flat on it’s face. Its success depended on the spirit and sense of adventure of one man – so Kendy – fair play to you!