Walking the walk

Every time a Theme Night or a Teenage Theme Night comes around, many performers get out of their comfort zone.

It might be singing in a professional environment for the first time, trying a new genre of song, playing a new instrument, saying something to the audience before the song, or somehow improving their performance with something a little bit extra.

And without fail, I encourage this. It leads to practice, work, growth and a sense of achievement. Even if it doesn’t go quite as you hoped it would.

But when the one in charge is asking others to do something, the words quickly become hollow unless their actions match their words.

And this is how I ended up dancing in a white disco suit and singing You Should Be Dancing in falsetto. Even though it was a bit scary. But it was fun.

SO – if you want to see who will get out of their comfort zone next time, Theme Night #26 will take place in Vicar St, Dublin on April 23 and tickets are already on sale – HERE – and most of the good seats are already gone…

If you’re interested in having an extra special evening out at that gig while contributing in a valuable way towards the success of the event, please contact me at kieran@kieranquinn.ie or on 0872390710 to ask about VIP tickets or corporate packages.

More pictures from Theme Night #25 available on my Facebook page.