Signing off…for now…

I heard an interview on the Second Captains podcast earlier this week with one of the best rugby players in Ireland right now – Andrew Conway.

He was discussing his current good form, and why his game is in such a healthy state right now, and he spoke of a journal which he kept.

In this journal he kept details of his nutrition, sleep, recovery, training, mood, and other variables and when he looked back at it he realised that when he was consistently getting these things right, his form on the field was usually good too.

Then came the part which really rang a bell with me. He said he used to fill this journal out 7 days a week, even on his days off, but it started to feel like a chore, and so now he does it just on the days on which he trains. Still 5 days a week, but he finds it a lot more manageable, and effective.

And if I’m honest, sitting down to write this blog has sometimes recently felt like a chore. It has been every day now for almost 8 months. It was intermittent for a few months last spring, but every day again for almost 9 months before that. Over 500 blogs since April 2018. And I have enjoyed writing the vast majority of them. I would recommend the practice to anyone out there.

But I feel I need a break. It’s getting a bit stale for me. And it’s not the end. I’ll just do it differently in the future. And I need some time out to figure out what that will be. And hopefully like Andrew Conway my results will improve too.

So to all readers – the everyday ones and the intermittent ones – thanks for your attention – and for your comments. I have said it before, but it is always nice to know people are reading.

Till next time.