As Jurgen Klopp said last week when asked about his opinion on the Coronavirus – ‘Don’t ask me – I am a football manager, not an expert. It doesn’t matter what famous people say, it matters what people who know something about this say’.

So like Mr. Klopp, this is not my area of expertise, but if you listen to those who do know something about it, especially over the last day or two, it seems that our world and hence our lives in Ireland and elsewhere may change pretty significantly in the coming weeks and months. If they are correct, we will move around less. we will physically interact with others less. And this will have knock-on effects. Life will change for a while.

In fact it has already changed. Handshakes aren’t happening any more. Some big sporting events have been called off. Some gigs will be called off. Others won’t. We don’t know everything.

And change can be scary, but change can also bring opportunity. A chance to take a step back, to spend time with family, to read, to learn. Because like anything, we don’t get to control what happens, but we do get to decide how we react to it. It will help to keep others in your thoughts, to be kind, to ask yourself how you can help. It won’t help to panic.

My thoughts are particularly with frontline medical staff. Speaking to a few of these people over the weekend, they are gearing up for a very busy and possibly unpleasant time. But the work they do is and will be so important. Help them too if you can.

In more everyday news, Weekly Challenge #9 is now up. A modern Irish classic for you all today – Hozier’s Take Me to Church. 6 graded questions for musicians of all levels here. Go on – take some time for yourself. It won’t hurt anyone.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.