A gift…

So we’re all probably going to be at home a little bit more for the next while…

I mentioned in last Monday’s blog that if this happened, it can upset things, and no doubt it will, and probably already has. But it can also bring opportunity – more time on our hands. A chance perhaps to take a step back, to spend time with family, to read, to learn.

Bear with me for a minute and I will get to the point of this blog. But firstly let me explain a bit about how I teach the piano.

In general, I try to teach people who have some experience of playing the piano how to really understand music and hence play better and with more enjoyment. More specifically, how to hear music as the pros do and to be able to sit down and play in a flexible manner without having to rely on sheet music.

There are exceptions to this but this is generally what I do.

With this in mind, I have recently launched a video-based piano tuition website, and in conjunction with this a private Facebook group where students and subscribers can hang out, answer challenges I set and help each other.

The service is not strictly aimed at complete beginners but many have tried it and plenty are still here, learning and playing great almost a year later.

There are currently almost 30 videos on the website, each one visually and audibly demonstrating how to play a particular song in 3 or 4 different ways. Almost 100 students and subscribers are learning in this way and seeing a big improvement in not only their piano playing skills, but also their ear and their overall understanding of music.

So, given that we will all have a bit more time on our hands over the next while, and that we need a bit of positivity around the place, I have decided to offer one month’s FREE membership of the services described above to the first 100 people who do the following.

Send an email to kieran@kieranquinn.ie with the answer to the following two questions.

If you could ask one question about learning to play piano, and one about understanding music better, what would those questions be?

There is no correct answer – just whatever is most important in this regard for you.

Look after yourselves…and hopefully see some of you on the other side shortly.

**NB – commenting under this post will not suffice.