Vicar St Update…

In collaboration with The Sligo Champion. 5 weeks to go!

So I had an article written for this week’s paper about some of the highlights of last year’s Vicar St show, the moments I still remember over a year later, but let’s be honest – right now none of us know whether this gig will go ahead.

And so I figured it was a better plan to fill you all in on what’s going on. As much as I know anyway!

So – as we write, as in all cultural institutions, all scheduled gigs in Vicar St up to March 29 have been postponed until later in the year. And if the restrictions announced by the government last week continue past that date, there is every chance that the same fate will befall our gig.

Right now there is no certainty. All I can tell you is that we are monitoring the situation and will let you all know once we know more.

One thing is for sure though…when it does happen it will be some gig!

Obviously we all hope that these turbulent times pass sooner rather than later. It is a tough time for everyone, and I would like to take this opportunity to empathise particularly with all the musicians and artists who all of a sudden are without work for the forseeable future.

Not that we let it get us down! Yesterday’s online concert was an example of how musicians and artists can take the lead in situations like this and come together as a group to lift the spirits of the community around them.

This too shall pass, but in the meantime, we can continue to come up with creative ways to lift the spirits of those around us.

Stay safe everyone. And keep doing the right thing.