Still Crazy After All These Years…

In 1974, Paul Simon did something really unusual. It could be seen as brave or foolish, depending on your viewpoint. But like many unusual and groundbreaking ideas, it proved to be inspirational to musicians and songwriters throughout the world.

He went on live TV and played an unfinished version of what would become one of his greatest songs – Still Crazy After All These Years, and discussed what his thoughts were about the rest of it. With a host who was too busy trying to be funny to appreciate the incredible songwriting nuggets he was getting from Simon. But they come through loud and clear nevertheless.

It’s the finished version of this song that students, members and subscribers will get a chance to learn this week on my online tuition website. That process starts today with a recently uploaded Weekly Challenge – 6 questions designed to test your ear and music knowledge. And on Wednesday the full lesson video will be posted, with 4 different ways to play this song and answers to these 6 questions.

With all that is going on in the world today, it can be a time for learning, a time for deep dives – and so here is an in-depth article about this masterpiece – how it came about, the meaning behind it, the reaction of Simon’s colleagues to it, who played on it, and an interview with the songwriter himself.

It will give you one or two of the answers to the Weekly Challenge, so if you wish to undertake that, please do so before reading the article.

But if you gave time, and let’s face it – many of us do – its worth doing both!