Embrace the Technology

So hands up if our new shared circumstances have required you to get familiar with previously unfamiliar technology.

The older you are, I’m guessing the more likely it is you put your hand up. But no matter what age you are, let’s face it – what we are going through would be a lot less manageable without the ease of connection we enjoy in our world today. As I write I am listening to (and could be watching) the amazing Liane Carroll play a set from her living room.

Today I broadcast a live piano lesson to multiple students for the first time. I brought them through the answers to last Monday’s Weekly Challenge. I spoke and played (students could see the notes I was playing as in pic below) and students could ask and I could then answer questions in real time. Amazing stuff.

I’ll hopefully broaden this service out in the coming days and weeks – as always blog readers will be the first to know.

But in the meantime, why not embrace the technology. When we can’t connect physically, doing it digitally is the next best thing. And the skills you learn now will stand to you not only for the remainder of this period, but in whatever new world emerges when it’s over.