Complying with restrictions

What we’re being asked to do at the moment by our government is a big ask.

Stay away from our extended family and friends for weeks, maybe months. Have no social life. Abruptly change the way we work, the way our children are educated. Give up many of the good things in life.

And they are asking more as I write.

But we’re doing it. And we will do it. Most of us anyway. And managing. And we will manage. Most of the time.

But what if it was you and only you who was asked to do this?

The whole world carrying on as normal, but you had to stay home with your family and implement all these measures for an extended period.

It would be more difficult. No doubt. So what’s the difference?

Simple – everyone else is doing it. It makes it easier when you’re not the only one. Solidarity, accountability, peer pressure. Call it what you will, but it works.

It’s one of the main principles behind Alcoholics Anonymous, and why there are running clubs and gym classes. It’s why teams with good spirit succeed and why most New Years resolutions are gone by February.

So during a global pandemic may not be the best time for you to start a new habit or give something up, or it might be.

But whenever it is, next time you are trying to make a major change to your life, give yourself the best chance of success. Bring someone along for the ride with you.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash