I Wanna Be Like You

It’s great fun, this song, but its message has caused unhappiness to millions of people in the world going back as far as when we evolved from the apes.

And it is an ape – King Louis (brilliant vocal by Louis Prima) who in this song wishes he was more like Mowgli the ‘mancub’ – he wants to walk like him, talk like him, and be able to make fire like he can. And we can all relate to that feeling.

Depending on how we look at things, there can always be someone out there who is more talented than us, has more money than us, looks prettier than us, is dealing with these restrictions better than we are.

Or you can choose to look at things differently – and there’s a song for that too!

A beautiful Scottish song that Seamie O’Dowd does a lovely job on – this isn’t the official title but it may as well be because it is the core message of the song…I’d Much Rather Be Me.

I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book is the song featured in this week’s Weekly Challenge – 6 questions to test your ear and your musical knowledge – and we won’t go near the lyrics this week!