Vicar St 2021

As printed in today’s Sligo Champion…

With just over two weeks to go until the big day, today’s article brings confirmation of news that I’m sure many theme night fans were expecting.

To be honest, even before the schools closed almost a month ago I knew that this gig probably wouldn’t go ahead. Seeing what happened in Italy and other countries who were ahead of us in the COVID-19 cycle made me realise that we were probably headed down a similar route and things were about to change big time.

And they have. Indeed I’d like to take this opportunity to wish good health to all readers and their families. Once we have that we can overcome anything else, and indeed we will.

But…I do have two bits of good news today.

Firstly, it gives me great pleasure to exclusively announce that the Vicar St gig is rescheduled for 2021. Thursday May 6th 2021 to be exact – so what will by then be Theme Night #29 will take place that evening in Dublin – and we will have even more cause than usual to celebrate by then I hope. Tickets bought for the original show will be valid for the new date.

The theme remains the same, so once again we we will be celebrating the best of Irish music with many of your favourite musicians – who are currently helping us all get through these tricky times with their regular and generous online contributions.

But secondly, as announced last Friday, I’m delighted to say that Theme Night #26 is still going ahead! It’s at times like this that we need entertainment more than ever, and a huge gang of Sligo musicians are already working hard and thinking creatively in order to bring you a theme night like no other in a few weeks.

It will take place on Facebook Live at 8pm on Thursday April 23rd. Follow my blog here or any of my social media channels for more details.

Finally I’d like to thank the Sligo Champion for the opportunity to connect with their readers, over the past few weeks. It’s a partnership I hope we can continue once the preparation for Vicar St 2021 comes around.

In the meantime, look after yourselves, keep doing the right thing and see you all on April 23rd.