The big mistake!

Elton John had a new band. In his own words, they were shit-hot. And he wanted to show them off.

So he put on a gig in Wembley Stadium, picked the bill himself, and put his band on last, after The Eagles and The Beach Boys.

The band had recently recorded a new album, and they were excited about playing the 10-song album in full to a huge crowd.

But the gig was a disaster.

Not the entire gig, just Elton’s set. You can read his explanation in the picture below…

Hopefully this gives you a bit of perspective on the last mistake you made.

We are told to make our mistakes at home, when no-one’s looking, and that’s good advice, but it’s just not always possible.

Sure, if you could play your first 100 gigs to tiny audiences, you will learn lots and any mistakes you make won’t have been seen by many people, but which of us gets to control that?

Mistakes will happen. You may choose the wrong song to perform, the wrong video to post, you might play a song in the wrong key and upset your singer. If you’re trying things, they won’t all work.

Mistakes will happen.

But, if in preparation we give ourselves every chance to avoid them, and in execution we accept that we may still get it wrong, maybe we won’t be as hard on ourselves, and we will find it easier to deal with the mistakes we make.