Get out there…

You can try and control your reactions to what is thrown at you, and regular readers of this blog will know that I believe it’s important to try and do so.

However there is no doubt that it’s easier to make the most of the day in front of you when you wake up and see a sky like this.

And in unusual and uncertain times like this, we all need a bit of help sometimes to make the most of the day in front of us.

And this morning I got that help when I opened the curtains. I hope some of you did too.

A day like this is a gift in the midst of this marathon we’re all currently running. So get out there, and do something good for you.

Finally, as a new week begins, one of the best things I saw last week was this look ahead to when it’s all over – a collaboration between local artists Killian Filan and Luke Devaney commissioned by the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Original work all.

You’ll need to be on Facebook to see it, but it’s worth it.