It may be broke, but can you fix it??

I came out of the Hawk’s Well Theatre one night last December after one of the pantomime shows. I noticed it was fairly windy, and although there had been no major storm warnings for this night, the wind was sufficient that I thought that I should probably tie down the trampoline in the back garden when I got home.

But I was too late. I went out to the garden to secure it and it was already gone. The wind had somehow hoisted the trampoline in to the air and 100 yards into the field behind the house. It stayed there until recently when we called a friend to help us dispose of it.

But he reckoned it could be saved. Some parts were beyond repair, sure, but he knew someone who had trampoline parts and could provide what we needed. Needless to say there was much rejoicing in our house.

In a similar fashion I thought that this promo video we had put together in advance of the Vicar St theme night was now unusable. But once again, in the right hands (thanks Rory Maitland!) what was once dead and gone can now be of use again.

It’s fun – give it a watch…