7 albums I love…

So I, like many others it seems have been asked in an online challenge to name seven albums I love. So here goes…

The one where I discovered there were more notes.

The one that got me trying to play guitar.

The one with all the clever words…and the craic.

The one that’s like a Greatest Hits album but isn’t.

The one that is a Greatest Hits album (I’m not sure if this counts, but I’m putting it in because it was my introduction to this great band and I LOVED it).

The one where I discovered there were even more notes.

And the one which showed me you didn’t have to play all the notes (but could try the odd time if you wanted to).

And in the spirit of the challenge – any regular blog reader who hasn’t been nominated yet and would like to participate – please take this as your invitation to do so! Let me know…