When the ball is thrown in…

I would like to some day, but up to now I have never managed a football team. Those who have done so tell me that the hardest part is not being able to influence the game once it starts.

Sure you can make a few positional switches, you can make a substitution or two, but compared to being a player on the field, your influence is limited to say the least.

When you’re playing a gig, like a player on the field, you can react to what’s going on around you. If you sense the crowd want to dance, you can change up your set to accommodate that. If you feel they aren’t listening to your patter between songs, well then you just shut up and play more music. And if your band aren’t performing as you would like them to, well one look or one forcefully played note can let them know that straight away.

But when you prerecord something, you’re like the manager, only worse. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to influence how people react to what you have produced.

I’m about to sign off on on a show that I hope many of you will watch with me tomorrow night.

And then unlike any other gig, I can do nothing more…!! Another first in these strange times.