Something to look forward to…

Back in my 20s, when air travel was easy, a group of us used to head away for a long weekend once a year. Usually somewhere in Europe, somewhere we hadn’t been before, somewhere with cheap flights.

One of my friends who was part of this group used to claim that the value in these trips lay as much in the anticipation of them as the craic you would have on them. The excitement of looking forward to something.

And this feeling is important. Especially now.

I couldn’t get over the number of people who said to me in the aftermath of last week’s theme night that it was great to have something to look forward to, something to break up the week, the days.

Because these things, the things we can look forward to, they prevent the days from rolling into one. From becoming just like the previous one, and the next one. And it doesn’t have to be a trip away, or a theme night.

This article references Tamara Shopsin’s ASG (Arbitrary Stupid Goals) – and the importance of them. It’s a really interesting and useful concept – Tamara describes it as follows – “A goal that isn’t too important makes you live in the moment, and still gives you a driving force”.

Maybe we should all try inventing some…

Photo by Nick Morales on Unsplash