It’s hard to get down from a high horse gracefully…

It’s a popular feature – I have seen a few of them over the years.

X (well-known writer/businessman/sports star) turned Y today. Here are Y bits of advice from her – one for each year.

I really enjoyed these 44 from sportswriter and Ross O’Carroll-Kelly creator Paul Howard on his 44th birthday. The title of today’s blog is one.

Then today a friend sent me an article in which I found these 68 bits of unsolicited advice from a man previously unknown to me who was celebrating his 68th birthday – Kevin Kelly. And there are some gems.

Here are my top 10 – some chosen because of the times in which we find ourselves…no. 4 is my favourite!

  • When crisis and disaster strike, don’t waste them. No problems, no progress.
  • If you desperately need a job, you are just another problem for a boss; if you can solve many of the problems the boss has right now, you are hired. To be hired, think like your boss.
  • You really don’t want to be famous. Read the biography of any famous person.
  • Friends are better than money. Almost anything money can do, friends can do better. In so many ways a friend with a boat is better than owning a boat.
  • It’s hard to cheat an honest man.
  • Promptness is a sign of respect.
  • Before you are old, attend as many funerals as you can bear, and listen. Nobody talks about the departed’s achievements. The only thing people will remember is what kind of person you were while you were achieving.
  • Don’t be the best. Be the only.
  • Experience is overrated. Most really amazing or great things are done by people doing them for the first time.
  • The more you are interested in others, the more interesting they find you. To be interesting, be interested.

Photo by Kelly Forrister on Unsplash