Ok let’s see what you got…

So – here are ten questions on Piano Man – you’ll have to listen to it to figure out the answers. Some knowledge of music is required, though not for every question. Submit your answers (see below) and the winner gets a free one-month subscription for a person of their choice to my online tuition website.

And there are no trick questions!

  1. Assuming there are 3 businessmen, how many people feature in the lyrics of the song?
  2. How many verses in the song? E.g. – Verse 1 is this length – It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in. There’s an old man sitting next to me, makin’ love to his tonic and gin.
  3. How many choruses in total in the song (Sing us a song you’re the piano man etc)?
  4. How many instruments feature in the song? Can you name them?
  5. What was unusual about this song being a hit?
  6. The lyrics of Verse 2 (and many of the other verses) are very similar in structure to a limerick. Not quite the same however. What is the major difference?
  7. In what key is the song?
  8. The melody of the chorus features all but 1 note of the scale related to this key. Which note is missing?
  9. How many times does the famous piano riff (0:23-0:27) occur in the song altogether?
  10. Assuming there are 6 beats in a bar (6/8 time sig), how many bars from the beginning of the piano solo (3:26) to the beginning of the following chorus (3:42).

If you enjoyed these, you should know that every Monday on my online tuition website I publish a Weekly Challenge – 6 questions of varying degrees of difficulty about a particular song.

This week’s song is Piano Man, but I feature a different song each week. You can find all 18 Weekly Challenges published so far here.

To enter the competition, email your answers to kieran@kieranquinn.ie.

I will be live on Wednesday at 6pm on my Kieran Quinn Music Facebook Page where I will go through the answers to these questions and announce the winner of the free subscription.