Unfair judgements

I have written in these pages before about the dangers of comparison. And more specifically here about how it can stunt your development as a musician – and a person.

I heard something along these lines again only yesterday. ‘She can do things that I can’t do – I know she has been doing this a lot longer than I have but still I feel I should be able to do those things’.

But we don’t judge a baby for not being able to walk. Or a young sapling for not being as big as a much older tree. Or a puppy for peeing where he shouldn’t. These are where they are along their path of development and we accept that.

And likewise with our endeavours, we should have a similar acceptance of where we are. It’s probably down to a combination of our aptitude for what it is we’re doing and the work we have put in. And we can only influence one of these variables. So how about we forget the self-judgement, the comparisons, and just do it?!

Thanks to Fergal for reminding me of this today.

Photo by Patrick Kool on Unsplash