How you actually learn…

I received an email yesterday from someone who has decided to sign up to online piano lessons after trying out the service for free. I decided to share some today, not as an advert for the site, but because it is a brilliant snapshot into how people actually learn and improve.

“The live streams are great as well on a Wednesday and even though a lot of it is still above my level of playing I find that you still manage to occasionally answer a question I have when you’re explaining an answer”.

“My finest achievement yet was getting the key of this weeks song right after sitting at the piano for a half an hour trying to figure out the first chord”!

“Thanks a million again for giving me the first month free as I learned loads from learning just a few of the songs on the page. It’s given me a good foundation in places, especially now that I’ve managed to get the left and right playing at the same time on The River as well as bumping off less keys while I play”.

I love it.

Only understanding a small amount of the lesson (for the moment), spending half an hour at one chord, bumping off keys.

These are the things you have to do to get better. But if you do them often enough, you can be sure that you will.

Photo by Darius Soodmand on Unsplash