I’m never taking it for granted again.

This is something many of us say in certain situations.

Usually after again experiencing something important to you for the first time after you haven’t been able to for a while.

You see music really is a language. I think we know that more than ever now. Because while languages work fine on your own, they work best when spoken to, for and with others. There isn’t a huge point to them otherwise.

And you know when you haven’t seen someone for a while, you usually have a lot to say to them. Well it’s the same with music. And it happened today for the first time in ages. And the picnic in the park and the chat using actual words afterwards were a bonus.

And later I came across a garden party with a gang of musicians playing in a (wide) circle. And it was lovely to stay for a while and listen. And later still I got to accompany a great singer rehearsing a great song.

It was like waiting for the proverbial bus in Dublin. And the longer you’re waiting, the more you appreciate the bus (or three) when they arrive. And you swear you’ll never take the bus for granted again.

But then they start arriving more regularly. And all of a sudden you’re once again taking them for granted. Until one doesn’t arrive on time and you’re late for a gig. And you realise how important they actually are.

And you swear you’ll never take it for granted again.