The tale of the thirsty plant…

Imagine you were a plant in Ransboro yesterday. You have just endured three months of pretty dry weather…which is nice, sure, but at the end of the day you need to drink.

All of a sudden, dark clouds approach and thunder begins to roll. A few flashes of lightning later and it’s happy days. The storm is moving in. We’re made up lads. Enough water to last us weeks on the way!

But somehow it doesn’t.

A few minutes of light rain arrives. Great. This is good, and surely it will turn into a downpour any second.

But it doesn’t. The thunder stops and you slowly realize that the show has left town.

To compound your misery, today you hear on the grapevine that the plants in Sligo town and Strandhill, a few miles either side of you had the best day in years yesterday. Rain of biblical proportions they say. And you’re still thirsty.

It would be easy to think somebody somewhere has it in for you. And if you had a brain and could move, you would be seriously considering your life choices.

But then you would realize (if you had any sense at all) that you are in the West of Ireland. One of the best places in the world to live for a thirsty plant.

And you’d figure that if you hold your horses the rain will come. Even if you had a bad day yesterday.

Because when the odds are in your favour, you always play the long game.