Smile before you answer the phone.

So says blog reader Brendan Tierney, who won’t mind me telling you all that he is turning 40 this week.

I’m writing about him because he was inspired by this blog I published last month – where I linked to two lists written by people on their birthdays according to the following format…

X (well-known writer/businessman/sports star) turned Y today. Here are Y bits of advice from him – one for each year.

Brendan sent me his 40 pieces of advice today and I loved them.

The title of this blog is number 15 on the list, and here are my other favourites…

22. Dessert is way sweeter if you don’t go for that extra spud.

39. Don’t say ‘I’m useless at that’. Everyone is until they learn.

10. We are all influencers.

4. Wrestle with your kids.

36. Get paid to be hungover. Don’t leave it till the weekend.

Happy Birthday Brendan!