Theme Nights – The future…

Yesterday on Rosses Point beach the locals were given a surprise by the sight of a dozen musicians with instruments dressed in Hawaiian shirts and ballgowns shooting a video.

Later in the evening, the bass section from the theme night choir were on a Zoom call figuring out the harmonies for one of the songs for the upcoming show.

Then at lunchtime today one of the soloists found a quiet corner of her office and belted out Summer in Dublin into her phone so I could hear the key in which she wanted to sing it.

And the next ten days will be full of little mini-events like this in various locations around our town and county in order to bring you the sequel to April’s online Theme Night #26.

Ten days of shooting/recording, followed by ten days of mixing/editing and we will be ready to broadcast on 8.30 on the evening of Thursday July 16.

Lockdown has provided much-needed time to reflect and consult about the future of the theme nights, specifically how to improve the shows, and so this show will be full of brand-new features and ideas which hopefully you all will enjoy.

We have a crack team of musicians, recording engineers, designers, directors, editors and videographers working around the clock to bring you all what we hope will be something special and once again reflective and respectful of the times in which we find ourselves.

For anyone keen on hearing any Theme Night news first, I have set up a special Theme Night email list – subscribers will get exclusive access to new Theme Night announcements, tickets, behind the scenes footage and even the first ever exclusive Theme Night t-shirts which will be available soon.

You can sign up here.