We’ve made it now…

…said one of the unsung heroes of last night’s show James McManus as we battled to delete and block the scam artists who were flooding the comment feed of the show with fake links.

They were trying to extract money from people looking for places in which to watch the show – I really hope they didn’t succeed with any of you.

I bring this up because I know some of you had trouble getting in to watch the show as a result. If you did part with any money please contact your bank ASAP and they will advise you.

This was of course completely illegal but there was nothing we could do about it at the time except to try and limit the damage by trying to get rid of the comments as they appeared.

Anyway it was a small setback on a night that loads of you seemed to really enjoy. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in and to everyone who contributed generously to the costs of the show.

All videos including the show as a whole are up on my YouTube channel here so you can watch them in your own time.

It’s not too late to contribute either and any of you who would like to do so can do here. Any amount is very much appreciated by us all.

So just like that it’s all over. The day after is always a funny day. Going back to real life after weeks of living the dream. Creating something. It takes over to a degree but it’s always a buzz to put your energy into something like this.

Because creative people like to create. Musicians are happiest when they are making music with others. Like any professionals we like to have projects, upcoming gigs, something to work towards. And there haven’t been many recently. So it was nice to have this – and it was even nicer because we got to share it with so many great people.

There were many highlights in the show for me, but I’m posting this today because the song and the performance says it all for me about where we are right now as a community and as a society.

Because despite everything, it is still a wonderful world – and thanks Barry for convincing us of that in your own special way.