Peter Green

Song 44 of the Teenage Theme Night Sessions was one of the few instrumentals of the Sessions so far.

You can see it here – Adam Hunter playing some tasty electric guitar on Carlos Santana’s version of Black Magic Woman.

And I loved it – the angle of the video reveals a drum kit in the background – a laptop on the desk – it looks like a room where Adam quite possibly spends a lot of time – practicing, working things out, crafting his chops and his sound. All the things that a teenager into music should be doing.

And we had a bit of craic when it was posted because I said it was a Fleetwood Mac song and Adam thought it was Santana’s.

And I was reminded of being young and hearing the Kylie Minogue hit The Locomotion in 1987/88 and my Dad telling me that it wasn’t her song at all – I’m not sure that he knew it was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, but he had certainly heard a previous version of it.

Just like I knew that Black Magic Woman was a Fleetwood Mac song – because I had played it numerous times with the likes of Dave Flynn, Seamie O’Dowd and Gerry Grennan, who all knew that it was in fact written by Peter Green, but in fairness to Adam the Santana version was a bigger hit.

And Peter Green died last week. And renowned music blogger Bob Lefsetz wrote an article about him and his legacy, and summed it up by saying that Green will be remembered long after many others are forgotten. Because he could play. And write. And was true to himself, even if he might have been more successful and well-known if he stayed in Fleetwood Mac.

But he didn’t, and yet will be always remembered as a top blues guitarist -in the league of Clapton, Page and Beck according to Lefsetz. Why? Because he was great, which comes down to spending hours and hours practicing and formulating his sound.

Just like I imagine Adam is doing.