Parking lessons

I remember going to football matches as a child with my family. Big games. Where cars would be parked for hundreds of yards on the side of the main road leading into the town.

Sometimes, and this might not necessarily happen on the main road, but on a side road, cars would be parked on one side of the road but not the other. Even though there was no sign saying not to, and there was plenty of room for cars to get past even if you did.

And Dad would be on the lookout for those. Because while we in the back would tell him that there must be a reason not to park there (why else would no-one have done it before us?), he would tell us to wait and see – that by the time the match was over that side of the road would be filled with cars too.

And he was always right. People were just waiting for someone to follow. Not wanting to be the first but happy to do it once someone else did.

My online tuition platform launched almost a year ago. It was and still is a work in progress, but nonetheless has helped lots of people to learn new songs on the piano and to understand more clearly how music works in that year.

And I’m so grateful to those that jumped onboard with it in the last year. Even though no-one else had done so before them.

We are all a year older and wiser now, and over the coming days in the blog, I’ll write about details of Year 2 and some exciting changes to the service.

Because thanks to the people mentioned above, I have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t, what people want and what they don’t, what needs less attention and what needs more, and indeed the new service reflects all that.

And given that some people have now led the way, we would all love to see more cars parked on this side of this particular road of musical learning this year.

person playing upright piano