Learning piano in a new world…

If you’re someone who craves certainty in your world, the next few months and possibly years may not be the easiest time. Things can and will change very quickly.

Unless they change dramatically however, one thing we can be certain about is that learning to play piano from the comfort of our own homes will be possible, and if you are someone who wants to either learn or improve, this coming autumn/winter might indeed be the ideal time to do so.

With that in mind, I have three learning options, all starting in the coming weeks. All three are based around values that regular blog-readers will recognise, which emphasise learning through the medium of songs you know and like, improving your ability to figure songs out for yourselves, and doing so in a community as much as is possible.

What we are doing is not trying to replicate an in-person experience online, but rather to create a new and effective online way of learning, designed with you, the learner in mind.

Read on if you’d like to find out more.

  1. Online and Community-Based Piano Tuition

If you’re an adult or in your late teens, have some previous piano playing experience (not essential but preferable), and want to learn to play in a flexible manner, without having to rely on sheet music, then I believe you’ll get a lot from this service.

It includes membership of my song-based piano tuition website with videos of how to play over 40 songs, and a Facebook community group where you will meet and can interact with and find support from others in the same boat as you.

A new song will be posted every 2 weeks, along with a video of how to play this song to 4 different standards, an ear-training challenge based on this song, detailed answers to this challenge, a group Zoom class with opportunity to ask questions (optional extra), a detailed recommended detailed practice schedule for the upcoming 2 weeks, an opportunity to get feedback on your playing of that song, and lots of information regarding the song and various practice tips.

Have a look here and feel free to send an email to kieran@kieranquinn.ie to find out more.

2. Music Club

Like a book club, but about music. Detailed listening and discussion of iconic songs and albums. Suitable for players of any instrument or indeed of no instrument at all. Although again these classes are designed for people with previous experience in music, if you have never played an instrument but are really into music it could be worth getting involved. We will meet up on Zoom every second Tuesday evening starting in September.

More information here and again please send an email to kieran@kieranquinn.ie if you wish to find out more.

3. After-School lessons (limited availability)

These lessons will be mainly take place in-person but students will also have access to the online videos. They are open to 9-18 year olds, but I have only a very small amount of slots left. If you are interested please send an email ASAP to kieran@kieranquinn.ie

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash