In praise of Sligo’s young musical community…

20 weeks. 58 videos. Almost 80 past and present performers from 19 Teenage Theme Nights. Families making music together. A community living up to its promises and entertaining themselves and many others along the way.

Today’s blog would like to pay tribute to Sligo’s young musical community – who have relentlessly kept us entertained week after week since early April.

Vocal covers, instrumental covers, new arrangements, clever videos, the teenagers and young adults involved in these sessions learned new skills, new songs and even new instruments in some cases while creating these performances.

When the idea was suggested back in March soon after lockdown was imposed the response was great from the word go. The aim was 3 songs per week, one week for each theme used so far in 19 (soon to be 20) Teenage Theme Nights. And performers past and present, one after the next, got in touch to pledge a video on one week or another. And today marks the end of these 20 weeks.

Here’s today’s performance – 2018 graduate Ruairi Hanley with some great playing on an instrumental guitar version of Chaka Khan’s 1983 hit Ain’t Nobody. Listen on good speakers and enjoy the crystal clear sound Ruairi has engineered on this video.

But when you have a moment this weekend, go back also and scroll through the playlist. Enjoy the talent, the variety, and appreciate the commitment it took from everybody to live up to the promises made.

Teenage Theme Nights #20 and #21 will both hopefully take place in some form before the end of the year. And we also hope to keep these Sessions going in some shape or form. Stay tuned and you’ll be the first to know more details as we have them.