An elegant ending

Endings can be stressful.

Be it breaking up a romantic relationship, leaving a band, or even telling a teacher that your child isn’t returning to his lessons, the build-up to and aftermath of these conversations can dominate your thinking in an unnatural way, leaving room for little else.

I wrote this about goodbyes a while ago, trying to establish what a good and bad goodbye might look like, and it might be worth thinking similarly about endings.

Because while a good ending allows everyone to move on, a bad one can leave an unhealthy psychological loop unresolved for years after the event.

So turn it on it’s head. Rather than it dominating us, what if we took charge instead? Figure out what a good, even an ideal ending would look like.

Something where we were true to ourselves, respectful of any other person that may be involved, and mindful of everyone’s feelings.

Because everything, good and bad has to end. So you may as well try to make your endings as elegant as possible.

Photo by Tania Malréchauffé on Unsplash