Not for you!

Here’s who my piano lessons are not for…

If you want to do exams, they’re not for you.

If you want to learn to read sheet music, they’re not for you.

If you want to be able to play your scales really fast, they’re not for you (but you will learn scales).

If you want to learn the way people have always learned, they’re not for you.

If you want to play classical music, they’re not for you.

If you do want to learn any of the above skills, there are lots of really good piano teachers in our area who will help you do so. I would be happy to recommend one. It’s just that I’m not one of them.

However, if you do wish to learn how to play piano in a natural and flexible manner, or if you would like to understand how your favourite songs are put together and to be able to work them out for yourself, well you might be in the right place.

Here’s what Muireann, Fergal, Paul and Aileen – 4 of last year’s students said.

“Since I hadn’t actually sat down at a keyboard since age 15, it was time to get back, and I thought Kieran’s method might be the way to go. Being asked to learn aurally (as opposed to sight reading) can be challenging but way more effective than having knuckles rapped with a ruler! My lightbulb moments – understanding the Circle of 5ths & seeing how interesting music can be when broken down, outside of the usual 4 chords! Am building confidence and ability! Thanks Kieran!”

“The best bit for me is that I can now play songs by following a chord sheet. If I am stuck I can watch the video. And there are so many songs to choose from. Definitely would recommend”

“Since starting with Kieran’s method I have learnt something new in very class, challenge and lesson with many eureka moments along the way.
Kieran’s musical knowledge is endless and his teaching method opens your mind and inspires you to learn. Should have done this years ago”

“I have found huge freedom with Kieran’s method of tuition. Having dreaded classical piano lessons as a child, I have longed to be able to play music that I love. I now feel that this is possible after learning with Kieran and so many aspects of piano playing are now making sense to me. Whether you are starting out or want to improve, there is something for everyone and I found Kieran’s method to be both accessible and challenging – the perfect combination to keep me interested!”

There are a very small number of after-school slots still available for school students, or if you are interested in joining the growing number of adults returning to music to learn piano in this way on my online platform, please get in touch –

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash