Where is George Gibney?

This blog follows a model of regular communication. It’s the way I like to do it at the moment, but there are of course other options. One alternative would be to stop writing so regularly, and instead focus all the time that went into daily blogs into one blog. Something longer and deeper perhaps. Maybe some day.

For now though, regular readers of the blog will know that I enjoy listening to the Second Captains sports podcast. Podcasts are a relatively new addition to the media landscape – indeed I met a man the other day who wasn’t quite sure what they were. They’re basically audio shows that you can listen to at any time. Second Captains producer Mark Horgan says they were lucky to start producing podcasts just as the medium exploded 5 years ago.

Personally I doubt luck had much to do with it.

Second Captains usually produce 5-6 podcasts each week. But interestingly, in contrast to this, they, and specifically Mark have today released something that is completely on the other end of the scale – a 30-month project investigating the whereabouts of disgraced former Irish swimming coach George Gibney.

I listened to episode 1 today, and it is a masterclass in structure and how to use audio effectively. Already you can hear the thought, time, and indeed passion that has gone into it. 9 more episodes are due out in the coming weeks. You can find it (for free) here.