When giving up is good

Giving up has a bad name. But sometimes it’s the right thing to do.

For example I have a private Facebook Community Group where a great gang of people are helping each other become better piano players. And this weekend some brave souls in this group posted videos of themselves playing the tune on which we have been working recently. There for everyone else to see.

And the thing is – none of them were perfect. Each participant could play a slightly better version. If they waited long enough to practise and then produce it.

It’s the same with a new project for which we’re currently trying to find a title. There will always be a better title out there. If we wait long enough to think of it.

But after a certain point, spending any more time on either activity becomes futile. Because it prevents you from spending time at the real task in hand – becoming a better piano player or making the project great.

The answer? Give yourself a deadline (in the very near future), do the best you can before it passes and then move on to the real work.