My new cultural companion…

This is Máire Dufficy. The picture was taken in Máire’s sitting room – where she has kindly hosted a chat between us three times over the past few weeks.

The Hawk’s Well Theatre connected us as part of a project they are currently running called Come Together: Cultural Companions. They have paired a number of local artists with people who were coccooning alone during lockdown and Máire and I were put together.

The brief? Get to know Máire and write a song after a few meetings inspired by the conversations we had along the way.

And that will be the hardest part of the whole process. Because everything so far has been effortless. Máire is a great host, a wonderful conversationalist and I always look forward to our meetings. We have discovered many shared interests and friends along the way, and the only problem I foresee is when I have to narrow down the many interesting conversations we have had into one song.

Once again hats off to the good people at the Hawk’s Well Theatre for coming up with a fantastic idea. It really was lovely to be asked, and I look forward to sharing the song firstly with Máire, and hopefully with you all in due course.