5 months late but going ahead!

So at last, Teenage Theme Night #20 is happening.

Oct 2 and 3 in the Hawk’s Well Theatre.

I wrote earlier this month about the many milestones that the class of 2020 have missed, and so I’m delighted to say that their last teenage theme night won’t be one of them. Better late than never, as they say.

Needless to say, it won’t be the like last year. Capacity in the theatre and numbers on stage will be significantly reduced as per government guidelines. The participants will have to sit in the auditorium as part of the audience and so the craic backstage won’t be the same.

But I have a feeling that the atmosphere in the theatre will also be like nothing we have experienced before. Teenage musicians who started preparing for this show back in March. Some professional musicians coming together for the first time in months. A show which we feared would never happen and now is going ahead. A great theme (The Grammys), and so the setlist will be amazing and everyone (audience included) will be dressed to the nines.

Spare a thought for last years 4th and 5th Years, who would usually be a part of this show too but now won’t be able to. Details of how the Teenage Theme Nights will work for them this coming school year are on the way soon.

But ticket details for Teenage Theme Night #20 will be announced shortly. Unfortunately not everyone who wants to get to this show will be able to, so we will have some sort of online broadcast also. Stay tuned to this blog for more details later in the week.