Why do I blog?

The other day I rooted out a thesis I wrote in the final year of my philosophy degree. The subject? Individual creativity.

I won’t bore you with the details, but it struck me that 17 years later here I am still writing about individual creativity.

Someone once described my blogging to me as finding a different way every day to say the same thing. They may have been insinuating that I was boring, but I decided to take it as a compliment to my consistency.

But the thing is – if you had asked me 17 years ago or indeed 3 years ago before I started the blog, I couldn’t have told you that individual creativity was necessarily something in which I was interested.

But now I do know. And I know that similarly I’m interested in collaboration. And the power of community.

Because I write about them. Regularly. And writing helps me understand and then organise my thoughts.

Why don’t you try it?