‘I’ll play you songs you were in’

I couldn’t figure out what it meant.

It’s a line from the chorus of the Dermot Kennedy song Rome and it confused me.

A song you were in – what is that? The musician in me immediately thought it must be a song on which you played, or a song you sang, but that seems too narrow an explanation somehow.

So the meaning I have settled on is that it’s a song that reminds me of you. Possibly a song we sang together, or a song that was big at the time we hung around together, or perhaps a song that you even don’t know reminds me of you but there’s something about it that does.

A nice sentiment whichever way you look at it. But if we’re in a song, it means that we have made an impact on someone, so much so that when they listen to the song, they think of us. Which leads back to the way we act, the way we are with and to others.

Let’s all try and be in more songs…

PS here is where I came across it – my podcast partner Rory Maitland delivering a great vocal on a new arrangement we put together.

And you can hear Rory’s take on what the line means in the pilot episode of our new podcast – available here.