Saturday night

It was, and will be again, the busiest night out of the week. The hardest night to get a booking in your favourite restaurant, the most difficult to get a taxi home.

But if you go out on a Saturday, you’re guaranteed a buzz. The electricity created by lots of other people out to have fun. And that’s what many people want.

Of course if you go out on Friday, Sunday or even Tuesday, you have more chance of getting that table, more chance that your taxi home will arrive when you’re looking for it. There might not be the same buzz, but there are other (maybe not quite as many) people who are happy with that.

The Saturday night gang are a bit like the children who want the ‘in’ toy every Christmas – because if you want what lots of others want, it’s going to make your life that bit more difficult. It might not be available, you might pay more, it might take longer.

But if what you want isn’t in huge demand, things immediately get easier.

So what do you want? and more importantly- if it’s too difficult/too expensive/unavailable, can you decide to want something else?