Episode 1 Out Now!

A big day for Luke, Rory and I – we are delighted to present to you all Episode 1 of In The Lamplight.

With special guest Seamie O’Dowd – regular blog readers will remember these two blogs and will know the esteem in which I hold him.

It was a real treat to have him in – we played Thom Moore’s Carolina Rua, Seamie’s own song Travelling Nation, and a hornpipe from the album we recorded together called City of Savannah.

But apart from the songs, the stories were great too…we heard about the time Christy Moore left him waiting, a brilliant demonstration of how Thom Moore crafted Carolina Rua, and how he feels as a father playing regularly with his two sons.

On top of that, Rory and I had great craic rumbling Luke for protesting too much on last week’s pilot show, and our attempts to find a decent sign-off continue.

Go on – check it out – and if you like it, you can sign up here to receive notifications of when new episodes are posted.