Bruce v Eddie

Music blogger Gabe Anderson says here not to worry about getting back on the road – that you’ll get back doing it when everyone else does, and in the meantime to keep doing other great things.

Bruce Springsteen said recently that he would be surprised to be back touring before 2022.

And I’m not going to argue with either man. But that’s no good for Eddie Fitzpatrick and his buddies.

Because by 2022 the current 6th Yrs will mainly be in universities all around Ireland and elsewhere. As will the current 5th Yrs, and their chance to take part in the Teenage Theme Nights will be gone.

So we’re going online. Because we can’t do it live, but we also can’t wait.

Teenage Theme Night #21 – On a First Name Basis – this Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on Facebook Live.

Here’s the event link – respond with either ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’ and you’ll get notified of how to watch the show.