Love and affection

We were doing some recording today and a bandmate spoke about his guitars, and how they hadn’t been feeling loved during lockdown.

We laughed and slagged him off a bit – doesn’t he know that guitars obviously don’t have feelings?!

And then later today Diego Maradona died and Gary Lineker, who played against him in the 1986 World Cup, said that he never saw someone have such affection for a football.

But a football doesn’t have feelings either – why show it affection?

Then I started looking at Maradona videos – I loved this one especially, and was reminded of the things he could do with a football, partly because of his talent and skill, but also partly because he really did love it.

Like my colleague fell back in love with his guitar today.

And when we heard him play the joke was on us. Because the state of mind of loving your instrument, your tools, the ball does in fact make real a difference to what you do with it.