When the joke is on you…

On one of my early away trips with the Sligo football team, I spilt a pint of Miwadi orange on my jeans. So I went into the bathroom, took them off and began to dry them under the hand dryer.

One of the other lads happened to be in there, spotted his chance, and grabbed them from me. I realised quickly that the joke was on me, and that I had a few decisions to make as to how to attempt to keep my dignity intact over the following few minutes.

Sometimes a prank can be a bit more subtle, and hence the realisation of what’s happening takes a bit longer. This video has brilliant and close-up footage of exactly that.

In fairness to Mark, he did a better job of maintaining his dignity in a difficult situation than I did all those years ago. We discuss what was going through his head at the time, and many other aspects of his musical career and life on a tremendously fun episode of In The Lamplight this week.