Hopes dashed but spirits lifted…

If I’m being honest, yesterday was really disappointing.

We had planned 6 live Theme Night shows in the Hawk’s Well for December, as well as being asked to play the ever-popular Christmas Toons with Anything Goes, and we were hopeful that theatres would be allowed to open – at least for a few weeks.

Alas – yet again this year our hopes were dashed as it became clear that we didn’t fall on the right side of the government’s December restrictions. And 8 or 9pm saw me feeling sorry for myself and my colleagues.

And then I watched the Toy Show – what an example of adapting something perfectly to the 2020 way of life. Credit to all involved. Sometimes Jim Sheridan, the MD of the Late Late Show band last night was in shot behind Ryan Tubridy, and I really enjoyed watching him trying to get exactly the right moment to cue the band in each time.

And there were so many highlights that have been documented well on social media since. My favourite moment was when young Mayo singer Michael Maloney realised that his hero Dermot Kennedy had crept onto stage and was singing with him.

His face told us he couldn’t believe this was happening, but yet from somewhere inside him his instinct told him to keep singing – that he had to complete the performance, and as he grew more used to what was happening, his upped his own game. Incredible stuff.

To complete the story, I then woke up early this morning, ready to watch the first draft of tonight’s Teenage Theme Night #21 Part 1 – On a First Name Basis.

And my spirits soared.

To see the effort that these guys had gone to, their creativity and character shining through, the pride that each one took in their performances and video, made me forget all about the lack of live gigs in December.

There’s something about working with young people and the energy they transmit. And even though we won’t be playing together tonight, thankfully this morning I already took in all the positive energy that I would usually get on stage with them.

Tune in to see what I mean. You can watch tonight’s show on Facebook here.

It starts at 8 sharp but will be available on my page for the coming days.