Sunday Music #2

So here’s the second in the series of Sunday blogs – where I share some of my favourite music from the week gone by.

So – it was a busy week!

Firstly our guest on In The Lamplight this week was singer, guitarist and all-round entertainer Mark Kennedy – and he performed a very serious and deeply introspective (!) song of his for us – Ode to an Instagram Young Wan.

Then – last night was Part 1 of Teenage Theme Night #21 – what a night it was! It was very difficult to pick highlights, but for the purposes of today’s blog I’d like to acknowledge the performances of two newcomers to the nights – Daniel Murphy and Sadhbh Timmons Hennessy.

And the great news is – Part 2 is tonight!

Here’s a special promo video for the show – Vincent – by Ryan Scanlon.

Most importantly of all – you can tune in to watch the show here. It starts at 8.00 sharp.