Reflections on Teenage Theme Night #21.

This was a new challenge for the teenagers – the first virtual ever teenage theme night. And they were magnificent – the shows surpassed all my expectations.

So – when you’re faced with a new challenge such as this, how should you approach it?

Well – you can go big and meet it with everything you have.

Eddie, Leah, Katelyn and Shona did exactly that this weekend. Large scale productions – huge amounts of thought, effort and musicianship from many people.

Or you can approach it differently – smaller-scale, yet choosing to use whatever your own individual skills and talents are.

Saul and Roseena sang great and came up with really interesting videos, Ciara let her voice do the talking for her, and Mia used her natural musicianship to create a clever mash-up of two songs.

Either way works – it’s always interesting to see how different people approach these things. I could have picked any amount of videos to demonstrate these points – there really were that many good performances. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed in their own way.

You can see all the videos from the shows on YouTube here.