Try it out…

When I was starting out in the music business, one of the hotels in town approached me with a proposal.

It was in conjunction with an English marketing company, and it wasn’t much more than a scam if I’m honest. Pay €1500 and you will be our hotel’s number one music provider for the next two years, they said.

I presume that meant that the hotel would book me for a minimum number of gigs each year, and would recommend me to clients and brides/grooms looking for music, but no. What it actually meant was that I would be the only music provider advertising on a fairly amateur flyer produced by the English company and left in bedrooms and elsewhere around the hotel for guests to look at if they wished.

I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

I eventually salvaged some pride by getting half my fee back from them but the damage had been done.

Win or learn, they say, and I certainly learned that day.

I learned to do my research, not to jump immediately at the big promises made to me, to try something if possible before committing to it.

In a blog last week I announced the launch of a number of new courses and products on my piano tuition website –

The special offers in particular were designed with people looking for Christmas presents for loved ones in mind.

But if you’re smart (unlike me in the example above), you’ll want to try it out first.

So if you’re a beginner, or a beginner to the method of playing by ear, here and here are videos of how to play the melodies of two popular Christmas songs.

And here is a video on how to play Fairytale of New York – for people with a bit more experience at playing the piano by ear. Three versions of it, depending on your level.

We had a beautiful version of this song posted yesterday in our Facebook Community Group by one of our subscribers who played piano while his two daughters played fiddle.

And finally, here is an example of the regular ear-training challenges you will have the opportunity to try. There is a regular live Zoom class for subscribers with me and other students for anyone who subscribes to the website where I go through the answers to these questions and answer questions you may have.

Go on – try it out.