Sunday Music #6 – Year in Review: 1

Today’s Sunday Music blog happens to be the first blog in the 2020: Year in Review series.

Over the next few days I’ll present some musical highlights from the year just gone in the blog.

So – we’ll start back in February with Theme Night #25 – Bee Gees and The Disco Era. It was the first theme night of the year, the last one before we had to move them online, and looking back now is quite emotional actually, making me realise just how much I miss the spirit, musicality and camaraderie of these nights. As demonstrated perfectly in this performance.

You can go to the playlist of all songs from the night here, or else see below for a few stand-out performances from the shows to enjoy.

Guilty – Edel Shannon and Chris Baillie

Immortality – Marie Conway

I Will Survive – Sophie Murphy

Words – Annette Rafter

Massachusetts – Paddy Keyes

More tomorrow…