Year in Review 3: Virtual Theme Nights

Despite these shows being right up there as regards the best things that happened in my life in 2020, I’m not going to write much about them here.

That’s because we at In The Lamplight are releasing a two-part end-of-year special where we do very little else bar look back at these two shows.

Specifically how they were put together, and the stories around them rather than the performances themselves.

Things like the late-night phone call which pretty much determined the success of the first show, and then the correspondence a couple of days later from Warner Bros. that nearly derailed it, the run-in with the Gardaí which almost scuppered the second show, the craic we had borrowing a jeep and towing a set of industrial lights around Sligo, and how people managed to come up with arrangements and record performances when we were in the thick of a hard lockdown.

Our guest is Aileen Concannon, who discusses how she convinces me to agree to her song choices, what she does in her day job to aid the fight against COVID, and being incredibly giddy before the first show went out…

She also performed a really beautiful song of hers – Grateful. You can watch it here.

And you’ll find the podcast here, or wherever you usually get your podcasts.